Innovativ mobil expertis

Our Mission: To be your partner in developing services to create better and new business.

We work with service providers and telecom operators, and we focus on the entire value chain for our customers.

No dead ends are allowed.


Our vision
We see a future where mobile communication makes it possible for individuals to use mobile devices as personal navigators.

We will make use of all professional and personal services wherever we are.

  Business idea
Our business idea is to help our customers to analyze and understand their value chain and see where mobile/telecom communication creates possibilities for new business.

We shape the business processes and build solutions with the highest possible security.

What We work with - We distinguishe from others

Mobile payments are growing rapidly and is an alternative payment method.

On the market there are different models for payment. We do not use PremiumSMS or bank / credit card.

Our target audience is retail, which would reduce transaction costs to a minimum for each payment.

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