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Defence sector AppGates first installations were in the defence sector, building secure solutions for some of the most challenging environments in the world to some of the most demanding customers that exist. Since then, AppGate has added many other types of customers and maintains the same high level of security and usability that is the base of the AppGate solutions.

Authentication and Authorization the AppGate system offers a common authentication and authorization platform, including protection, encryption, access control and logging on behalf of all applications and devices in the system. The same security solution can be used for all types of applications, all types of servers from mainframe computers to small windows servers. And almost all types of client systems are supported.

Freedom Because of the way the AppGate system protects servers and applications, it does not really matter where users are located; Access to each service is individually granted based on the user’s identity and location. This gives more freedom to offer services to remote users, whether they are home users, consultancies (temporary users.) or foreign companies.


AppGate Network Security, part of Cryptzone Group

“ We can’t control everything in the network anymore, that’s why a policy-based security model that is contextual makes sense.” /Neil MacDonald, VP at:

Deperimeterisation is a concept which has been around for a number of years and strongly advocated by groups such as the Jericho Forum.


Secure Mobile Office
A mobile device needs security more than ever.
Besides Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6 as well as all Nokia smarthones.


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We support Android, iPhone and iPad.


Who wants security?
The police, government agencies and security-conscious organizations chooses AppGate Network Security.

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Today AppGate has installed some of the largest unified access solutions in the world and continues to challenge and compete with the perimeter-based security model.

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