Care and Accommodation


Comfort and Security

A good senior living center must be safe and offer great convenience. Everyone should have access to the silver lining in their everyday lives.

The senior living company must have the ability to provide good information regarding all of the opportunities they offer.

They should also make it as easy as possible for the residents to take advantage of these opportunities.


All this is possible to achieve for an active and committed Senior housing host. Eiderfors & Partners gives you all the tools you need.

A major advantage of a Senior Living is the convenience: you can leave the apartment for a long trip without having fears. The environment is safe and there is minimal risk of burglary. Everyday life in a Senior Living shall have many opportunities and these opportunities must be convenient to use.

One of the tools that Eiderfors & Partners offers is that the usual locks can be replaced with locks that open with a mobile or by intelligent cards (RFID technology). The solution can also be used for a variety of daily errands; to pay for services or products, register a visit to the restaurant, a visit to a gym, to pay for a massage, have made use of a car from the car pool.

You do not need to think about cash. The same technique is now used for public transport in Sweden. You can also compare the method of payment at major hotels.

The same technique is used for public transport in Sweden, also compare the method of payment at major hotels.



Silver lining is different for every person, but means the same.




  Your Home is Your Castle

To increase security, we offer passive alarms. This means that one does not need to activate an alarm if one has fallen and is lying on the floor, or has difficulty getting out from the bathroom. The alarm is then triggered. The alarm system is completely individually designed.

The system is based on proven RFID technology to detect changes in the local environment, such as a fall in the home.



Peace of mind is knowing that if something happens, the others know it.

For my personal security it is also good to know who comes to visit me.

Eiderfors & Partners implements a system solution for passive alarms and / or door phone / camera.


One or more alarm points can be created in an apartment


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Care and Accommodation

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