Care and Accommodation



To us, functionality means that usability and high value is present for the customer.

Eiderfors & Partners connects all the different parts of a good Senior Living facility into a unity that has high quality and ease of use.

We think this holistic approach is important and the involvement of all stakeholders is crucial.

  All of the elements come together and together create a high quality of living.  

In the Eiderfors & Partners solution there is a tablet, mobile, and/or a PC / Mac in the apartment and in this solution the Home Care Company and/or the Senior Living company's business systems are accessible.

The system solution makes it possible to present important information in a user friendly way. One of several examples is that the senior person knows in advance who is coming from the Home Care service, when the person comes, and what should be done today.

In addition, there is the opportunity to have a dialogue before the person arrives. For example, if something needs to be purchased. This information may also be shared with relatives. This enhances the functionality for all involved.



Eiderfors & Partners links together the different stakeholders and interests into a solution that creates benefits and high quality living.


Eiderfors & Partners performs system integration that ties together various stakeholders to promote quality in services for the residents. We use a web enabled interface that is accessed from the tablet, smart phone and PC / Mac.




Good functionality is like a fine day on the ice. The sun is shining, the ice is fine and the wind is in the back.

Then you feel good and it should be the same feeling in good senior living, too. All parts must work together and each part must create value.

Together, it becomes an unbeatable combination. It is a day on the ice that you will remember.

We want to make it possible to take full advantage of all the available opportunities. Exploring the ice when it is smooth and fine.

The challenge is to bring together various stakeholders and their contributions. This is our mission and that is what we do.

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Care & Accommodation

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