Care and Accommodation


Eiderfors & Partners is a Consultancy Company with extensive knowledge of elderly issues. The company specializes in developing and assembling technology solutions that significantly increase the quality of Senior Living. We contribute in conjunction with the Senior Living Company with solutions that enable seniors to continue to live well also when we need care.

Eiderfors & Partners offers solutions to Senior Living Companies, housing associations, builders, care agencies, etc. so that they can create a high quality accommodation for seniors.

Our solutions provide value both when one is fully active, and when you need care in the everyday life.

Our offer has a number of building blocks that combine in the way you want.





A new age

We want as seniors to have a good living even when we need more support in our daily lives.

Eiderfors & Partners makes this possible with our building blocks. It is about seeing the possibilities in life.

It is a new time. We seniors sees no limits. Life must be good to be alive and a comfortable and safe living is an important part of life.

Eiderfors & Partners contribute with solutions that will enable us to continue to live well even when we need care.

    People born in the 40`s according to Kairos Future

Half intends to speed up all their money

Life Between 65 and 80 is as before, only more free

One-quarter view themselves as eternal adolescent

Three out of four intend to travel more abroad

Almost half mostly listen to rock music

85% see life after 65 years as something positive, a time to fullfil their dreams

One-quarter want to work as long as possible


A good life is to have as little trouble as possible. This includes an accommodation where a good landlord takes care of most aspects of my accommodation and free up time for me to do what I most of all appreciate. What landlord is my partner to make it possible?

Our building blocks means that housing company can create a strong foundation.

This plea is to the benefit of all to all parties. It's not just the accommodation that is important.

Everything will be well needed solutions that also allows relatives and if necessary care can contribute in a good way.

Everything should just work and help me in my everyday life.



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Care and Accommodation

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