Care and Accommodation



In today's daily life it is a lot to keep track of. To be able to live an active and full life, it is necessary to keep informed about the opportunities available.

Eiderfors & Partners develop and deliver an information platform that is intuitive and ease of use.



Customized information is an important part of a good senior housing.

To achieve this requires a dedicated landlord and an excellent system for information. Everything should be adapted to individual needs and desires. This will create a good foundation to be able to live a full life. The silver lining in life is to take advantage of what is offered.

With access to a smart phone, PC / Mac or tablet, the resident e.g. take advantage of last minute deals, events happening in the local area, makes it possible to book a car in the pool, get information from the landlord.



Eiderfors & Partners Information Platform - the Accommodation

With information that is tailored to the individuals interests and tastes, a Senoir Living company can do a lot for their senior tenants.

The solution involves merging together different business systems and provide localized information.

It is important to access real-time data, and then it is necessary to manage a system integration solution with selectable system. This is a strong part of our offer.

The information developed is in the platforms Windows, Android and iOS.



Information bind us together and creates community and belonging.

We believe in the ability to create groups of people who share similar interests.

The housing company may do so and thus create even better opportunity for the individual who lives in the property to take advantage of opportunities and an outlet for their interests.



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Care & Accommodation

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