Care and Accommodation


If you are informed, you are involved and then you increases your opportunities to live an active and good life. Information provides the opportunity for active feedback and communication.

It is important for a tenant to be able to give their input and feedback. You should be able to reach the Home Care Services or landlord in a simple way. Participation allows you to make a difference and have an impact.




With Participation we mean that it is always possible for the senior person living in this particular accommodation to be an active part.

Each individual should feel they have good control, that they have the right information, and to be able to help make decisions about their life and senior living.

If you are informed, you are involved, and then you increase your possibility to live an active and good life.


An example of participation is to know who comes from the Home Care Services


Anna arrives Anna has been  

Our solution for Participation involves extended information and communication via tablet, smart phone or PC / Mac in the apartment


Wenngarn in Sigtuna


Participation also means to know and understand what has been done during the day. It is also important for relatives to know.

A good Senior Living Center is a community where everyone works together.



Feeling that you are involved, and greatly heard,

its quality of life. 

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