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Globalization is a reality in today's world. Businesses are constantly seeking new markets in order to expand both market base and profit. These needs have driven businesses to adapt their products and services, in cultural and territorial aspects, to achieve their goals.

Jimmy Mendoza

VP and Country Manager Eiderfors & Partners in Singapore

Mr. Jimmy Mendoza runs our office in Singapore which also covering the Far East territory of Malaysia, Philippines, New Guinea, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Our personnel in Singapore have been part of delivering solutions and systems to the major operators in Asia Pacific incl. SingTel, Telekom Malaysia, PLDT and others.

Our office speaks and writes; Swedish mother tongue and are fluent in English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil.


Start up’s

Our affiliate in Singapore can help all possible foreign organizations start up activities in this region.

Virtual sales representative
For organizations with no immediate ambition can use our office in Singapore to be the sales rep. or short or long term consultancies.

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Office: +65 8588 8760


Republic of Singapore