Eiderfors & Partners AB Environmental Policy

Today’s modern society has in different ways big effects on our environment. It requires conscious efforts from us all to live and work smartly to create more environmentally friendly solutions. Service-oriented businesses can contribute to measures that lower energy consumption, less pollution and better management of natural resources.

Eiderfors & Partners AB's environmental policy sets up the following guidelines for how we can contribute to a better environment:

square We will take responsibility for the environment by limiting the environmental impact of our operations and comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the environmental field;

square We will endeavour to choose eco-friendly products, reduce use of energy and materials and handle waste in an environmentally sound manner;

square We will always consider the environmental aspect in the choice of modes for both personnel and goods, and seek to reduce travel by using new communication technologies;

square We will give priority to suppliers who maintain good environmental policy;

square We will inform our staff about current environmental policy and motivate staff to comply with this.

Eiderfors & Partners AB Business idea and focus is to work in the frontline to create commodities and services to help enterprises and individual to make the best choice.