Eiderfors & Partners AB

Eiderfors & Partners AB is a consulting group with extensive expertise, we have partnerships with strong global brands

Advantages of Eiderfors & Partners
• We can Communications
• Security is a key word for us.
• Our process expertise
• We see wholeness
• We are not satisfied unless the customer is satisfied

Management team:


John Eiderfors, CEO and Partner, BU Security
John Eiderfors

John was the initiator of Eiderfors & Partners AB. He has long experience from various companies within the IT- and Telecom sector. John has a Master of Science, Stockholm Technical Institute (KTH) Technology, and Business Administration, Economics Uppsala University.

John has broad experience of leaderships from different companies. In addition he has experience and understanding of Sales & Marketing, Procurement methods, Project leaderships, including creating and implementation of processes.


Allan Forsling, Vice President & Partner, BU Health Care Allan Forsling

He has worked many years in the telecom sector in various positions. Main experience is from business development and from process management.

Allan has a Master in Economics from Umeå University and a Process Manager education.

Allan has extensive practice and experience from the telecommunications and logistics area. It covers Economical analyses, development of methods of measuring productivity and efficiency. Strategic planning, strategic projects, market studies. He has had appointments as Marketing Manger, Business Development Manager. Allan has also experience from lobbying within the governmental and municipal institutions.


Claes Appelqvist, Partner

Claes Appelqvist

Claes is a partner in the company and has extensive experience in sales, marketing and logistics.

Claes has a basic financial education and trained as a shipbroker in the 60s and 70s in the UK and Germany and then worked internationally in the shipping industry for about 25 years.

Claes went into the IT world in 1989 and has since worked both as an employee and self-employed in marketing and sales assignments.