Eiderfors & Partners offers a new way to purchase goods and services together with Intrum Justitia.

Mobile payments are growing rapidly and on the market there are different models for payment. We do not use Premium SMS or integrates the bank or credit card.

It is developed based on the seller's and buyer's perspective and is intuitive and ease of use for the buyer and profitable for the retailer. - It is well known that the transaction costs for the purchase of low-value erodes margins.

Our business model is based on that the transaction cost reduced for merchants and easy to use for those who buy. For the merchants also becomes the customer known and can be treated specially. The model fit them who want to lower transaction costs to a minimum for each payment, and has a customer base with many transactions over a certain period with low amounts.

The buyer uses either an RFID card or Smartphone with NFC. The security can be increased when using of PIN, the transmission is secured with Nexus Technology's (Bank ID) security solution.

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Vehicle Charging

EPSmartPayment takes care of the payment process to load the car:
- User registration
- Issuance of cards
- Authentication
- Payment

Eiderfors & Partners delivers flexible solutions that enables different business models. With our MobilePayment method we take care of the payment process from charging the vehicle to the payment.

With our experiences from the telecom operator environment we know the demand for flexible solutions that enable various business models and value chains, contact us get more information for Vehicle Charging.

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