Strategic Partners


All organizations around the world no matter what they do, face the same common problems. A mobile workforce, more integration with customers and partners driving the need for a more open exchange of information.

On the other hand more legislation, more security threats and more dependence on IT drives the demand for more security.


With today´s security model based around a traditional firewall this is hard and costly to achieve. With a secure solution this seemingly impossible challenge is easy to solve. Cryptzone solution represents a different way to solve security issues that is build around the latest technology in security.

Eiderfors & Partners is the certified partner to Crypzone Group to sell and integrate.


Intrum Justitia is Europe’s leading Credit Management Services company for good reason: their offering means better business for both clients and customers.

Intrum Justitia and Eiderfors & Partners offering a unique PostPaid method for the Retail Market.


Intrum Justitia are committed to improving their clients’ cash flow and profitability in everything - from credit information, invoicing, sales ledger services, reminders and collection to debt surveillance, collection of written-off receivables and purchased debt.


Since 1999 Direct2Internet has been developing a combined switch and modem pool called Access Switch.

The switch is designed specifically for the type of traffic generated by card terminals, i.e. many short calls and a fast response time.


Direct2Internet (D2I) provides the fastest and cheapest connection for your card terminal. Choose to connect your card terminal via the telephone line or an Internet connection.


Synverse is the next generation global IT services provider driven by innovation.

Synverse differentiates from other market players by virtue of its singular business, solution and technology accelerator frameworks driven by innovative delivery models around Managed Services, Cloud and SaaS.


This enables our customers with aggressive time-to-market & lower total cost of ownership, without compromising on the service and delivery quality, thereby providing the business with ammunition to gain competitive edge, improved customer service & achieve operational efficiencies.


Adage RFID Solutions offers RFID systems with world-class performance. Along with Eiderfors & Partners, we identify your needs and build and personalize RFID system based on your needs.

Services and technology solutions based on Adage own products such as RFID hand reader, fixed RFID readers, RFID tags, standard (HID Global), its active and passive RFID tags.


Adage has its own production and expertise in providing tailored and customized RFID system to match your exact needs.

Together with Eiderfors & Partners, we have extensive expertise in mobile systems; this is a great advantage, since most of the systems are mobile in any sense.

Offering flexible and cost-effective communications for professional organizations.


3D Cellular is committed to developing the best and most current automation software for today’s evolving mobile telecommunications networks.

We specialize in software tools designed by engineers for engineers, providing the most rapid, precise and efficient user interface available for collecting, analyzing and updating network data from Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia, Nortel and Samsung wireless switches as well as other network elements.


3D Cellular tools can provide significant cost savings by facilitating and even automating many repetitive and time-consuming data management tasks, allowing engineers to focus on more important aspects of network operations.

Past experience has proven that these savings will quickly cover the cost of the software and provide an ongoing return on your investment for years to come.