SE46 focusing on proactive IT-security solutions of IT-infrastructure. To suit that purpose SE46 products are designed according to the principle of “Default Deny”.

This principle is a good rule of thumb when it comes to IT-security as it specifies that anything not specifically allowed is denied and should be prevented.

Through the application of this principle the SE 46 product Computer Integrity System (CIS) can, for instance, prevent unauthorized software from running on a protected system.

CIS is designed to protect an organizations application platform and uses a versatile approach. Usages of CIS range from application inventory to rendering systems immune to malicious software such as viruses, trojans and worms.


  (1) SE46 Computer Integrity Agent (CIA)

is the software agent installed on all security targets that CIS is to protect. SE46 CIA can be installed on anything from laptops or workstations to multiuser Citrix servers, e-mail servers, extranet servers or web servers.

When the CIA is installed on a security target it will intercept all attempts to execute software.

  (2) SE46 Lookup and Logging Server (LLS) is mainly used for storage and distribution of Application & Policy Certificates as well as collecting log data from the CIAs. The LLS is also where functions such as “Application Reverse Lookup” and the possibility to create reports of which software is running where and when among the security targets can be found.  
  Application Certificates are electronic ID-cards created and assigned to software programs. Just like an electronic ID (eID) can identify a person an Application Certificate can identify a specific program and all the components it contains. Application Certificates honor the same standards that exist for eIDs.   (3) SE46 Certificate Studio (CS) is the operator program that is used to create Application & Policy Certificates. SE46 CS is an advanced tool for analyzing and categorizing what Components are part of which applications. SE46 CS is also used to create the policy rules that SE46 CIA should enforce on the security targets.  

If no match is found, the program will be prevented from starting. SE46 CIA is completely autonomous and designed for “offline” security; it therefore requires no contact with the SE46 LLS server to maintain a high level of security.






Antivirus: Intrusions, through ”Intrusion Avoidance”, known and unknown viruses and trojans, spy-ware and ad-ware, vba script can be checked.

Quality improvement:The possibility to take Inventory of all executable software on your computers; full version control of in-house as well as third party tools and applications.

License management: Eases license management for your organization. Producing accurate reports of exactly what, where, when and how long applications are running within your organization.

Version Management: Control over what software versions are allowed and which versions are actually used; Clean out older versions, Prevent the “wrong” versions from running, Force users to upgrade to the correct version.


Log Management: The Logging and Lookup Server is used for storing Application & Policy Certificates as well as logs from SE46 CIA

ITIL: Truly proactive; Time limited certificates with expiration dates gives flexibility from a business perspective.


Policy based:Only the approved configuration is permitted; Time limitations and expiration dates, Central distribution with unique distribution point for each policy, Central control over users and of usages.

Central control: Application & Policy Certificates can be created using the Certificate Studio. The operator creates the Application Certificates centrally and distributes them to all other computers.

Electronic ID-cards: Applications Certificates are electronic IDs for computer programs. Application Certificates identify all executable software.

Autonomous: Every single CIA (agent) knows where to look for its updates. All pull and no push technology.

Active Directory:For distribution of Application & Policy Certificates it is possible to utilize third party tools such as Microsoft™ Active Directory.

Hardware control: Every hardware device that connects must be trusted, such as USB, PC Cards.

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Unlike conventional anti-virus solution needs SE46 CIS does not need to be constantly being connected to search for updates and new signature files.

The option to "reactive" signature solutions previously consisted of various types of simulations with high demands on bandwidth and working memory. By only allowing approved applications and files using digital certificates to run, can be critical equipment can be protected in an elegant manner protected from malicious code without the functionality impaired.







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