We help you to secure your internal information against harmful intrusion

Using the front door example; the person that is knocking at the front door, confirms who the person is and what it is that they want and need, and then the door opens to let them inside of the house

Once inside the house, they can only access those rooms that they need, and nothing else

- the Software-Defined Perimeter Zero-Trust Approach -

If you feel 100% sure that your organization's information is secure, do not contact us

"Statement by Gartner and IDC predicts a large spread of IoT devices over the next few years. It is estimated that between 50 and 100 billion units will be connected to the internet within ten years."

The Perimeter Can Be Anywhere Secure it Everywhere

From the industry's most comprehensive software defined perimeter solution to authentication and proactive malware protection, Cyxtera's Secure Access portfolio defends your network and digital channel access from a new age of cyber threat

Software-Defined Perimeter

Traditional TCP/IP - based on "implicit trust", Not Identity Centric - Allows anyone Access

Step 1 - Authenticate

Based on "zero-trust"

Identity-Centric – Only Authorized Users

Step 2 - Connect

AppGate SDP secures your data, regardless of whether your important information content is in your own building, in an external data center or cloud