AppGate SDP reduces the enterprise attack surface by 99% with its secure network access solutions

If you feel 100% sure that your organization's information is secure, do not contact us

Hannover Messe 1 - 5 April 2019

Do we need IT technicians in the future?

AppGate SDP provides one of the most modern enterprise security platform

From implementation to daily operations:

  • - Single Client, Multiple Environments;

  • - Automatically Build and Secure new Environments Instantly;

  • - Automated approvals;

  • - Updated and Monitored Centrally Continuously by Cyxtera AppGate SDP;

  • - The Bottom Line - local engineers are more or less unnecessary.

No traditional firewall is needed!

As You know; Perimeter security tools have remained largely unchanged for the past 2 decades

A common question these days; Is e.g. heating / ventilation systems that have connection with your network, secure against intrusion?

  • - the Perimeter Can Be Anywhere and We Secure It Everywhere;

  • - it has Multi-Tunneling vapability at Client Level;

  • - it has Managing Mobility and Accessibility Safely;

  • - it has Secure Cncryption that Prevents Sniffing of IP or network scanning;

  • - it Built for Hybrid Environments;

The latest video about - Security In the Cloud - Time: 1:24

Network Security Has Become Personal

Today’s intelligent networks shouldn’t have to rely on archaic VPN and firewall technologies to remain secure. Evolved for the modern enterprise, Cyxtera’s new security model grants specific, adaptable access to applications and systems based on a person’s identity, not an IP address.

Secure your business’s distributed perimeter with real-time contextual insights and maintain absolute control over any-sized network.

The figure below shows the difference between Implicit-Trust and Zero-Trust