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CASE STUDY | Financial Institution - Bank

This case study shows how “Financial Institution; a Bank” replace old technology to new, decrease manual routines and strengthened IT security.

SOLUTION | Designed around the user, and built to support today’s modern workforce, AppGate SDP provides organizations with secure access to all network resources including legacy applications.

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CASE STUDY | Highly Regulated Financial Services Organization

This case study shows how “Highly Regulated Financial Services Organization” migrate to the cloude.

Cloud has become the new normal as companies of every size have realized the benefits of the cloud.

For most organizations, the question isn’t “if” anymore; it’s “how fast can we move?” and “what are we moving first?”

SOLUTION | Strategic migration of workloads to AWS & Increased the IT Security

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CASE STUDY | Governmental

This case study shows how “A North American Government” planned to lower their IT budget and move out of their business into the hybrid/cloud, with at least the same level of security as today.

SOLUTION | Centrally managed, control privileged user access using secure, encrypted, point-to point tunnels to protect network resources and dynamically provision access

  • AppGate SDP was easy to set up and apply security rules;
  • All without needing to expose apps to the internet or rewrite legacy apps that are agency critical;
  • AppGate SDP proved to be one of the only out of the box solutions able to integrate with this system easily;
  • Without AppGate SDP, they’d need to implement a VPN tunnel system, create and modify thousands of firewall rules, and modify their DNS and would take months to accomplish across all the agency’s groups. It would have turned a short-term goal into a long-term project.

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    CASE STUDY | e-Commerce

    This Case study and solution represents many of this nation (United states of America) leading retail, healthcare, financial and energy companies, as well as public utilities, state lotteries and government agencies. And must follow Goals PCI DSS Requirements Data Security Standard 3.2.1

    A. The background to this solution was to investigate the possibility of reducing the scope of PCI and streamlining audit processes. There were several underlying requirements; B. The other was the traditional process including the cardholder and merchant on one side. Acquiring Bank/Processor, Issuing Bank and Anti-Fraud on the other.

    SOLUTION | Adopting a modern security architecture for e-Commerce

  • The security solution is implemented with a highly automated production process;
  • In operation, it follows the same process, which consequently minimizes the risk of serious deficiencies and errors;
  • Resources are released and returned to the organization and reduced PCI Scope by more than 50% reduction in time and effort required to collect infrastructure and system information.
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