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Case Study Bank

This financial institution is among the 20 largest in the world and chose to replace old technology to new.

In several decades, the bank has adapted to new rules. Digitization has accelerated from the turn of the century at a higher rate and has changed all financial markets around the global arena.
IT security sets new demands from hot and dark forces, both internally and externally, and because of this, new demands have also been made and changes in complexity.
For many financial institutions, the rules have become so extensive that they have created disproportionately too many manual routines. This has resulted in both a lack of resources and incorrect measures.

The Bank did a thorough review and found several suppliers that could take over from the previous suppliers.

After a careful evaluation, Cyxtera SDP was selected and the Validation was made by this:

Extending the life of applications and systems

Today’s modern enterprises are evolving. While new applications are developed using modern trends, there is a large segment of legacy enterprise applications that companies inherit from mergers and acquisitions or find too costly to refactor using modern application development tools.

But the enterprise cannot abandon these applications: they are accessing highly valuable data across networks in order to provide essential business functions, such as trading platforms, airline ticketing, core banking suites, and more.

Most of these critical legacy applications are not being protected by modern security protocols. Instead, enterprises use opaque, unchangeable, and closed protocols with no support for modern single sign-on software, such as RADIUS or SAML. The result is increased risk to the enterprise as core, mission-critical assets are left open to attack.
The enterprise is searching for a solution to bridge the gap between legacy assets and modern security solutions.

Designed around the user, and built to support today’s modern workforce, AppGate SDP provides organizations with secure access to all network resources including legacy applications.


The large financial services organization relies on legacy applications for day-to-day business operations. However, these legacy applications cannot readily integrate with modern identity and access management (IAM) platforms.

The organization was challenged with ensuring secure access to the high value legacy applications that complied with regulatory requirements, including modern methods of user authentication (such as SAML).

AppGate SDP provided a Software-Defined Perimeter solution to secure access to this organization’s mission-critical legacy applications.

Serving as a pass-through black box, AppGate SDP natively integrated with the organization’s existing IAM solution to secure access between legacy and modern applications and address compliance and regulatory requirements.

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