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Hannover Messe, 1 - 5 April 2019

  • Eiderfors & Partners AB is very proud to have been entrusted to participate in the Hannover Fair "Industry 4.0 / Procurement 4.0"

  • This is the world's largest trade fair in this strongly emerging segment.

Opening of Hannover Fair 2019 Angela Merkel and Stefan Lofven

  • Angela Merkel und Stefan Lofven - Time: 10:56
  • 5G - Industri 4.0 - Time: 1:32

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    • Mr. Robert Berg, representing Inovia and Eiderfors & Partners at Hannover Messe. He informs about Procurement 4.0 / Industry 4.0 and especially about IT security that should work anywhere and at any time, as well as a payment platform that is designed according to the customer's requirements.

    • Mr. Robert Berg

      When robots moves from Automation to Procurement 4.0, these become part of the production chain.

      People and technology will probably always work together.

      HKH Prince Philip visiting Hannover Messe.

      History repeats itself

      Procurement 4.0

    • Procurement 4.0 will digitize the industry purchasing processes with a software-based solution and ensure an optimum price across the market entire product range.

      It will help companies connect suppliers and distributers where ever they are. The result resulting is lower costs, higher revenue, faster delivery throughout the entire supply chain.

      Additional: All free time - Sell the production tool to anyone anywhere in the world to new and old partners. Secure all users. Charge in real time.

    Fully Managed Network Security Solution

    A turnkey fully managed network security service that reduces deployment challenges and simplifies implementation to enforce secure one-to-one identity-centric connections for every user, device, location, and application.

    It delivers the industry’s most comprehensive Software-Defined Perimeter solution, allowing the enterprise to adopt a modern, zero trust based network security solution without having to hire legions of expensive and hard-to-find IT security professionals to implement.

    The AppGate as a Service model allows the customers to select the level of administration and management that best fits their business needs and resources.

    The solution blocks all devices by default and they cannot access anything until they get authorized.

    Download the presentation