We help you to secure your internal information against harmful intrusion

In the most recent reports Gartner have estimated that more than 20 billion “things” will shortly be connected to the internet at organizations from all over the world

  • An enormous number of devices will be connecting using older, non-supported OS such as Windows 7 or older and will not be subject to future patching from Microsoft

  • These IoT things devices usually do not benefit from encryption, antivirus software or some kind device firewall which leaves extremely vulnerable for heinous attacks

  • In sectors such as healthcare, if a device is patched it has to go through yet another costly and time-consuming certification in order to remain compliant why patching is often left until the last possible moment

  • For devices with wired connectivity there are additional vulnerabilities such as outdated switches with well-known deficiencies

The solution we offer blocks all devices by default and they cannot access anything until they get authorized - AppGate SDP

Fully Managed Network Security Solution

A turnkey fully managed network security service that reduces deployment challenges and simplifies implementation to enforce secure one-to-one identity-centric connections for every user, device, location, and application.

DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks are one of the most common forms of cyber attack, with the number of global DDoS attacks increasing. AppGate SDP eliminates DDoS attacks by making network resources invisible, preventing bad actors from seeing nothing which reduces the enterprise attack surface by 99%.


AppGate SDP provides for micro-segmentation through assigning fine grained security policies to individualized users or groups that are authorized to gain access to the workload or protected resource.

Micro-segmented networks are becoming a common regulatory compliance requirement, and implementing the network security design created by using AppGate SDP satisfies and exceeds these requirements.

AppGate SDP contains a whitelist of devices that are, if meeting the predefined policies approved for authorized access. With Whitelisting, there is No victim. Only tested, safe programs and files can run.

User- or device- based access control Integrates
with directory services and IAM Context sensitive

Authentication before connection Dynamically-provisioned
1:1 connectivity Unauthorized resources Completely Dark

Distributed, stateless and highly scalable
Programmable and Adaptive
Dynamic and on Demand

Cloud migration and integration

AppGate SDP creates a controlled migration path for organizations migrating there protected workloads to a cloud environment. AppGate SDP applies consistent security policies across the organizations various environments – from on-premises to cloud-based workloads and infrastructure.

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